Locke Cole
Rich and Sympathetic II Setzer & Locke

As Vector disappeared over the horizon, Locke explained everything to the Gambler, just as he promised. With every word, he felt the adrenaline from the fight fading. When he explained what had happened at the Magitek facility, he gripped the railing, staring out at the sky in some attempt to steady himself.

His stomach wouldn’t stop rolling, and it wasn’t just the ship ride.

Locke excused himself to go below decks, stumbling toward what had been designated as his room. Negotiating himself a bottle of liquor from Setzer’s stores had been easy, almost automatic, and he closed himself up with it and his own thoughts.

Curled up on the bed, he nursed the bottle, staring at the ceiling. After every pledge he’d made, every step he’d taken, he’d failed Celes. He failed Celes, and Terra had turned into some… thing, and all Locke could do was stand idly by and watch. The one time Celes needed him the most, he froze. He doubted her. For all the trust she put in him, he doubted her. And now he didn’t know if he would ever see her again—if her execution would finally be carried out—if another person he cared for would die because he was a failure.

Bitter tears stung the back of his eyes and he cursed, punching the wall with the side of his fist. Several more drinks and he had almost finished the bottle. Getting more would mean leaving the room—and, likely, owing Setzer more money. He had a feeling their host kept tight control of his inventory.

Locke attempted to sit up and found his movements to be sluggish. That expensive shit was more potent than he expected. Cursing, he slumped against the wall, legs akimbo on the bed.


i couldn’t pick which version of locke to draw so i drew both

AU || Chasing Nowhere || Faris and Locke


They were half way to the door - cursing themselves and their nobility - before his words caught their ears. Step slowing they turned, fingers brushing the brass knob of the door. He was asking with sincerity, for all there wasn’t a scrap of concern in his voice. Instead, curiosity sat thick in his words and it made them wonder just how far this was going to go—

This farce.



Sarisa you fool - this game you play—

Idly they shrugged, shoulders rising and falling with one fluid move. “So I wouldnae sleep too deeply. Y’ looked sick as a dog - still do. I didnae want t’ wake up to a dead man if you’d o’ needed th’ doctor in th’ night. Th’ floor didnae let me get comfortable.”

A blink and they grinned - a shy, tepid thing. “Try not t’ die while I’m gone, eh? Then I’d feel obligated t’ pay for th’ funeral and you’ve already cost me m’ mornings wage.”

At first, keeping Locke interred had been a challenge, but the more time he had awake, the more they spoke, and the more agreeable he became to Faris’s requests.

He lamented losing out on money due to his injury, but the truth was that the brawl in the bar was only the beginning. Decreased trade due to political unrest had driven prices through the roof, and the black market swelled. The gangs, who mostly shared the illegal wealth in more prosperous times, began jockeying for bigger pieces of a rapidly shrinking pie.

For that reason, Locke found himself wanting of another occupation. Once he was well enough, he beat the streets, digging for information on a score that would be as profitable as his business on the shipping lanes. His creditors needed satisfaction, after all—if he didn’t keep close to his arrangements, getting stabbed in the back of a bar fight would be the least of his concerns.

As a sailor, he assumed Faris would have information on the shipping lanes, and who came and went. It was better to ask someone more on the up-and-up than to go through criminal contacts, who often gossiped for the right price. He met up with the other man a few times a week, mostly for friendly conversation but also to get information.

They strolled through the market one sunny afternoon, making idle conversation. Locke was there to people watch more than shop—the things that happened behind the stalls was more important than what the shopkeepers had to say.

In an alleyway, they passed a guard accepting a bag from an old shopkeeper, who looked abashed.

“Y’see that?” Locke scoffed, pointing an errant thumb. “Shakin’ down old men for gil. Protection money. And they say I’m a criminal. That shit never happened when the King was alive.”

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Locke is my digital self - he spends his life making up for his shortcomings, and he bends over backwards to help and protect the people he cares about - going so far as to battle pure evil and hatred face-to-face in order to do so, but gets nothing in return. He devotes his time to others but leaves no time for himself. He’s tormented inside, but doesn’t let it show because he has to remain strong for the sake of those around him. He keeps those he loves at a safe distance so as not to make them bear his burdens, despite his true desires. It’s a sad state of affairs, but he’s fulfilled in the fact that he’s doing what he can to eliminate his demons (and Atma weapon too). An absolute champion that gives all the love in the world, and receives none in return.

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A+: Flawless/Sexy

{☾};; — "Thank yo—wait a minute, what does that mean for my beauty on the outside, huuuuh?"

"Whattaya mean?! You’re almost, like, half my age!!"


Out of curiosity, could you take a moment to reblog this if you believe that demisexuality exists? I’m demisexual, and I feel like demisexuality goes really under the radar, even within the asexual community umbrella. A lot of people don’t believe that it exists, and even within the ace community, demisexuality is still questioned as being legitimate, although we share the same flag. So reblog this is if you believe it exists. image


"Of course, kupo!" He’d gesture behind him to a sizable boulder. "See this massive rock? With a single finger, kupo.." He remained silent for a few moments, nervous. "…I.. Chopped it off a larger rock, kupo."

Somehow, Locke had a hard time believing that. Though he supposed some people disbelieved the things he himself could do.

Raising a brow, he looked up at the large stone behind him. He placed hands on his hips and crowed, “Impressive! So could you beat up this guy that owes me a few thousand gil? He’s been a real pain in the ass to track down.”


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