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She wouldn’t deny it; her command of the language was impeccable— it had to be, considering she’d grown up with it, but her father was Chinese, her mother only half-Japanese, and they’d produced a genetic mutt in her.

And that meant a lot there.  

"Do you want to go?" A brisk wind danced across her shoulders, and she shivered in it, scowling. Cold weather. Ugh. “I usually visit my mother for my birthday, but I’ve been postponing it this year.”  

When she shivered, he smiled and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. Whilst rubbing her upper arm, he put up a hand to hail a cab. It wasn’t quite cold enough for hoodies yet, or he’d offer her his—

—wait. Didn’t she still have his hoodie?

"Takin’ me to meet your mom, huh?" he teased. "This’s gettin’ awful serious." After a few failed attempts, a car finally pulled over for them. "I’d love to go. If you don’t mind totin’ a dumb American around with you. I’ll practice bowing."

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"But you know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in formal wear."

Locke tried to understand the logical leap Terra had made to “formal wear.” Did she find formally dressed me to be handsome?

"Hmm… well… I ain’t never had a reason to dress up, really." Scratching his scruffy chin, he thought for a moment. "Have you ever been to the opera, sweetheart?" When they had gone, it was because… she was in Zozo.

AU || Chasing Nowhere || Faris and Locke


"The y’ in for a treat."

They pushed their way inside - through a wall of chatter and laughter and music. Perhaps it had been foolish to drag him here, where so many of the servers knew Sarisa and Faris, where the barrister’s eyes widened as he saw them head through the door. 

Still, a young waitress headed toward them - sixteen, plucky, with her hair dyed the brightest blue. “Can I help you masters? We’ve a table out back if you like?”

"Is is close to the stage?"

"To your preference, Master Faris - the Master of the House has invested in some Karnakian coffee he want’s you to try, I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear you’ve turned up!" With a bright smile she turned to Locke, not batting an eyelid at his dress - when the Queen to be had turned up on their door step in scruffier straits, they’d soon learned not to judge.

"Please, allow me to guide you to your table?"

Faris smiled, a hand clapping down upon the girls shoulder with all the affection a brother might show. “That wont be necessary - I know where it is, just Astos that we’ll have two beers, for now, alright? I’ll let th’ lad look over the menu.”

It was easy to duck through the crowd after that. It was still early and the patrons were scattered. It made finding their table all the easier. Pulling out  a chair for him, Faris beamed at Locke. “Dont mind Cadia - she’s an enthusiastic little thing, and I’m a regular.”

Tucking their own chair beneath them, Faris sat, eyes closing for the briefest of moments - breathing in the scent of good food and better coffee, revelling in the sounds of the place. “I may be a little too fond o’ it here.” 

Cadia’s hair made Locke’s eyes widen. The dye was a sign of status of at least a small degree. He was walking into an establishment where even the waitstaff was more moneyed than he. And she called Faris “Master.” Was it simply a courtesy or a societal must? As he followed his companion to their table, he looked at the man with new eyes. Faris was hiding some secrets, Locke was sure.

Oh, that smile, though… It was the most genuine bit of emotion he’d seen from Faris since their meeting. The sailor was clearly in his element here, in this finer establishment, as opposed to the dive bars Locke frequented. So why come down to the dive bars at all? It couldn’t be just to see Locke, was it?

What if it was? How did Locke feel about it?

A strange bit of fondness twisted at his heart. Faris had intentionally brought him to this place, where he did not belong, where finer people wouldn’t be caught dead with men like Locke.

The girl plopped a menu in his hand and he stared at the words, puzzling through all of the new information. At least Faris had ordered the beer for him— he couldn’t even choose a drink for himself at this point.

"Nice place," he agreed, taking a long drink as he turned in his chair. Taking in the sights of the establishment, he tried to calm himself. This may not be a casual friendship where casual sex could be laughed off. And for the first time he realized maybe "more than friends" would be okay with him.

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-This would soon follow with a span of time in which Terra would decide what exactly constituted as “handsome.”-

"…Mm. Yes."

"…good. Maybe. I think. I dunno."

Now he was just embarrassed of himself.


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"Gau miss the stars…"

"Me too, buddy."

"If you climb up high enough in the mountains, you can still see ‘em."