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Scruffy Brown Adonis II [Locke & Edea]


Usually whenever someone referred to Edea as Mrs. Kramer, she would make a point to sharply correct them—-she and Cid, for all of their years together, had never married, and she had never once entertained the idea of taking his name—-and it happened quite a bit.  But when Locke did it, it was in a polite and charming neighborhood boy way.  And she was usually already on her way to a good buzz at that point anyway, finding it unnecessary to claim her stake of independence or reaffirm her feminist viewpoints.

It hadn’t been her intention to get him to volunteer like he had (and she wasn’t even quite sure if he had been serious), but when he did, the idea clicked in her head like a grand revelation, and one that wouldn’t easily be surrendered.  Edea’s eyes began to go over his features—-a good looking young man but she had never really looked at him in such a way before, and with the topic at hand and the influence of the marijuana settling in, she was literally seeing him in a whole new light.  He had a good body too from what she could tell—-not her type, but what a prime candidate for modeling indeed.

"Right now?" she asked, suddenly eager and in great anticipation, her eyes glassy and as wide as she could manage as she stared at him from her seat at the table.  Cid had a late class, and their current brood of kids were all out at various activities for the rest of the evening.  No interruptions, or funny looks.  It was the perfect set up.

"Rrr… uh… Right… now." For a moment, various sectors of his brain, some more touched by pot smoke than others, debated the wisdom of this proposed course of action. He had imagined dropping trou in front of a room full of giggling, middle-aged women with glasses of wine and quilted pencil bags— not this rather compromising situation. Was Mr. Kramer the type to concealed carry?

Indeed, what if the professor got the wrong idea? Or the right one? Was this a Mrs. Robinson type of thing? Pursing his lips, he looked at Edea through hazy eyes. Ultimately, he decided that he was flattered if it was. She was pretty fit for her age. Finally, a smirk crossed his lips and he shrugged quickly. “Right now.” Rising from the chair, he took a last toke and a bracing gulp of wine, ambling toward the living room.

"Where should I— what should I— should I lay down on the couch, like in Titanic?" Laughing, he pulled his shirt over his head, hair flying willy nilly into brown eyes. "Do they expect me to be shaved? Cuz I don’t, uh, shave." He scratched the coarse hair that comprised his treasure trail, a little self-consciously.

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        —"No, not our queen. queen.” A single digit catches a cascade of diamond dew when she explains. "The late queen of Alexandria, Queen Brahne. She was an adored queen, loved by many beyond the Four Great Continents; That is…" 

     Shadows dance across the streaks of emerald orbs.

                                  “Until Kuja appeared. Her heart began to overflow with greed and she called upon Kuja’s knowledge of weaponry. She saw to conquer all the lands Gaia had to offer. Burmecia was among her first to conquer, under fear of our strength in battle.”

The memory plays so vividly, her eyes shut when they enter a warm Inn, a waft of spiced meat welcoming their entrance. “Burmecia has lost all trust to humans ever since, but we still strive for equality.”image

"Funny… despite how far away I’m from, the same kinda thing is true there, too. People who are afraid of things that’re different from them… Have to step on ‘em right away, keep ‘em down…" Pursing his lips, he winced at the mention of lost trust, looking around at the other occupants of the inn.

"Despite my bein’ human, I appreciate your… welcoming me like this. I promise not to make any trouble." Though trouble tended to follow him.

It was hard to be nervous, however, when the smell of food hit his nostrils. Mouth watering, he wondered if his gil would be good there.

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                 She lets out a small amused laugh. It was possible that at this moment the magitek soldier was picturing a different life for the man.


                 ❝Well, then I’d say you picked the right choice. Strangely enough. That town even gives me the creeps.❞

Thinking back on that period of his life, he didn’t really have anything resembling “choice.” It was so long ago, and he tried hard not to ruminate on it for all these years… But it did occur to him, now and again, how differently things would have gone had he taken just a slightly different direction. Jidoor wasn’t as far away… When the Empire was marching on Kohlingen, he could have…

Shaking himself out of that train of thought, he smiled softly. “Mmnh, Jidoor, you mean? Yeah… I can’t stand a one of ‘em. A bunch of snotty bigots, if you ask me.”

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Six similarities between Mun and Muse
Six differences between Mun and Muse
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                 She’s still unsure about her friend choices, but she won’t say it out loud.

                 ❝Why would you want to live there? I understand you’re a lock pick…but why?❞

The simplification of his skillset down to a simple “lock pick” amused him. His smile quirked sideways.

"Well… after I, ah… had to leave Kohlingen, I only had two choices. Zozo or Jidoor. Can you see a guy like me fittin’ in, in Jidoor?"

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                 ❝The fun is not having wet shoes. Do you remember Zozo?❞

*laughs* “I do.”

"I lived there for awhile, actually. About a year, when I was sixteen-ish."

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                 ❝Or you could simply not walk through puddles.❞

"Well, hell, where’s the fun in that??"

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"Rainy season’s startin’. Suppose I oughta mend my boots."